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Dian Sastrowardoyo : Indonesia Tatler Juni 2009

Posted in Majalah by Haqi Achmad on Mei 11, 2009

Someone who is blessed with a beautiful face and a pleasing personality to match, Dian Sastrowardoyo is truly one star to watch out for. Maria Zarah R Gregorio writes.

Success and longevity is something that everyone aspires for in show business. Regardless of the many new faces that are introduced everyday, the public can still spot those few who are indeed talented and worthy of the spotlight. Dian Sastrowardoyo leads this pack of remarkably adept individuals. Though only in her late-20s, Dian has captivated the Indonesian movie and TV industry through her memorable work in one of the country’s most well-loved films such as ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?’ as well as the TV serial, ‘Dunia Tanpa Koma.’ More recently, the lady with a lively personality took part in two quality films opposite Nicholas Saputra, “We recently worked on ‘3 Doa, 3 Cinta,’ as well as ‘Drupadi,’ directed by Riri Riza. It is a film about Drupadi, a princess from Panchala who was treated as fair game in the Mahabharata,” elucidates Dian during the photo shoot at Moreno Studio in Kemang. What sets the film ‘Drupadi’ apart from Dian’s other projects, is that for the first time she also takes the helm of producer, a decision that cements her relevance in the movie industry even further. With her manager, Wisnu Darmawan and noted producer, Mira Lesmana, Dian spearheaded the movie and saw it from the planning stages, to its fruition.

“It was a fulfilling experience to be so involved in the film, from pre-production, to acting in it, to marketing it and now looking for sponsors to invest in the movie. As we have wrapped the production, we are currently busy with registering the film for international film festivals abroad,” the actress states, showing the great belief and support she has for the film.

Asked how she was able to juggle her multiple tasks, she says, “I have to admit that I had to set the producing aside to focus on acting, because acting takes up a lot of time and emotion. This project was quite challenging for me because we collaborated with a theatre group from Yogyakarta, who act with their bodies and use contemporary form of theatre and art.” After working on the epic story on location in Yogyakarta, Dian has settled into a more relaxed routine, “Right now I am enjoying the free time I have. I am spending time with my girlfriends, people I’ve known since high school. They really make my day! It’s funny because when you work on a movie, you borrow yourself, take yourself out of your life and put yourself into character. You get to work with different people, and you have to adapt. At the same time, the good thing is you learn a lot of things from the people you work with while on location. You take the lessons you’ve learned and apply them to your life. Now I have just gotten back to my own life, and I am loving it!”

With plans to further develop her production company, Dian is preparing herself for future projects, “I must say that now, I just want to relax and enjoy. But I am also gearing myself up to learn more about producing and perhaps, finding out more about business, and how to manage this business we founded. I’m even thinking of taking some time off work to pursue business studies. In hind sight, I have always seen myself as someone who likes to explore – I see myself maybe going into the food and beverage industry or perhaps going into consulting. There are plenty of other ventures that I can dabble in. The possibilities are endless,” Dian expresses her entrepreneurial spirit, along with the positive charm that she is known for.


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